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Special Edition BleakWarrior Now Available!

This hardcover is limited to 30 copies! Each have been numbered and individually signed by author Alistair Rennie and artist Max Hudetz. A ribbon bookmark and map endsheets complete this special edition.

The purchase link is for U.S. residents only and shipping and handling is already included in the price. If you live outside of the United States, please contact us at (subject BleakWarrior) to secure your copy.

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Pretty Pretty Princess-Shane McKenzie

There’s a serious problem in the realm.

Royal families still practice the tradition of locking away their first born daughters in the booby-trapped lairs of monsters—all in the hopes that brave knights will rescue them. Prince Francis and his trusted companion Gavin, a wise-cracking pig, aim to end this barbaric tradition. Now they travel the realm promoting P.E.T.P—Princes for the Ethical Treatment of Princesses.

They set their sights on Pretty, the most beautiful princess and one that no knight has yet been able to rescue. But saving Pretty from a prison made of the strongest goblin stone is only the beginning. The princess is not what she seems!

Join our heroes on a hilarious—and dysfunctional—journey. But remember, this isn’t your child’s fairy tale. Prepare yourself for flamboyant princes, shameless pig sex, and untold armies of rats and flies. Snuggle up and get ready for your bedtime story.

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Bleak Warrior-Alistair Rennie

"Transgressive and hard-edged" - Jeff VanderMeer, Nebula award winning author of the Southern Reach trilogy

"Flabbergasting Black Metal New Weird" - Edward Morris, author of the Blackguard series

"Death, violence, and inappropriate sex" - Neil Williamson, author of The Moon King

For eons, the ancient and powerful Meta-Warriors have betrayed, despoiled, and slain each other in a relentless pursuit of total mutual destruction. Who they are, what they are, what purposes they serve—none can tell. As they exact their dismal retributions against one another, with whatever skulduggery proves necessary for achieving those ends, they do not care to wonder why. Except for one.

And he will kill all who stand in the way of him discovering who—and what—he is. Or die trying.

They call him BleakWarrior.

Descend into a world of dark metaphysics, ultra-violence, senseless mayhem, and transgressive sex with a simultaneously brutal and brilliant fantasy novel unlike any other.

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